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Jinxiang People wrapped Qing Ming Jiao (green dumplings)
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The tomb-sweeping Day is one of the national holidays in mainland China with both natural and humanistic connotations. It is not only one of the "twenty-four solar terms", but a specific day to worship departed elders. Chinese people living around the southern Yangtze River tend to hand-make and eat a special kind of dumplings during this holiday, which are made of glutinous rice.

The below five pictures illustrate the progress of making the green dumplings (Qing Ming Jiao) by Jinxiang People during the team-building. The green color comes from the felon herb which is added to the sticky rice, as shown in the first photo. The stuffing is made of salty pickled vegetables and minced pork, as shown in the second photo. With the stuffing wrapped, green dumplings are accomplished in a light green color, which turn intodark green after being steamed.
If you are interested in tasting these green dumplings, please do not hesitate to contact the corresponding sales representative, or you are welcome to write an email via sales04@j-general.com.

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