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Bearing Care & Mainten
Bearings are precision part,in order to preserve their accuracy and rlibality, care muse be exercied in their handling. In particular,bearing cleanliness must be maintained,sharp impacts avoided and rust prevented.
1.Bearing Storage
FIGX® brand bearings are coated with a rust preventative before bing packed and shipped ,an dthey shall be stored at room temperature with a relative humidiyt of less than 60%.
2.Installation preparations
Bearing should be fitted in a clean,dry work area. Especially for small and miniature bearing,a clean room should be provided as any contamination particles particles in the bearings will greatly affect bearing efficiency.
Before Installation , all fitting tools , shafts,houings,and related parts shoud be cleaned and any burrs or cutting chips removed if necessary.Shaft and housing fitting surfaces should also be checked for roughness,dimensional and design accuracy,and to ensure that they are within allowable to lerance limits.
Bearing should not be unwrapped until just prior to installation. Normally,bearings to be used with grease lubricant can be installed as is, without removing the rust preventative. However,for bearings which will use oil lubricant,or in cases where mixing the grease and rust preventative would result in loss of lubrication efficiency, the rust preventative should be removed by washing with benzene or petroleum solvent and dried before installation. Bearings should also be washed and dried before installation. If the package has been damaged or there are other chances that the bearings have been contaminated.Double shielded bearings and sealed bearings should never be washed.
3. Bearing installing
When Bearings are being installed on shaft or in housing, the bearing ring should never be struck directly with a hammer or drift as showed in the following page.
4. Bearing disassembly
Bearing are often removed as part of periodie inspection procedures or during the replacement of other parts. However, the shaft and housing are almost always reinstalled,and in more than a few cases teh bearings themselves are retused. These bearings, shaft,housings,and other related parts must be designed to prevent damage during disassembly procedures and the proper disassembly tools must be employed. When removing inner and outer rings which have been installed with interference fits,the dismounting force should be applied to that ring only and not applied to other parts of the bearings,as this may cause internal damage to the bearing’s raceway or roolling elments.

Bearing the maintenance is quite important, open the outer packing of the bearing should be installed, and may not be immediately use nudity in the air for too long, lest make, bearing rust and cleanliness is down. The storage site should be dry bearings, clean and tidy. Before installation and installation in bearing are to maintain its clean. In addition, such as the installation method is undeserved, tools and working mesa not clean, bearings cleaning or join a grease and other impurities, can make bearing damage in advance. Even if bearing quality again good, no proper maintenance, maintenance, installation and use, will affect the life of the bearing. Additional, the operation on the bearings with sweat will become the cause of rust. To pay attention to use clean hand operation, as far as possible put on gloves.

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